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Mauna Iki Trail

Distance: 8.8 miles / Level: Strenuous / Time: 5 hours

The Mauna Iki trail begins on Hwy 11 and then proceeds across the Kau Desert to the summit of Mauna Iki Crater (3032’) and eventually to the Kulanaokuaiki campground which is located on Hilina Pali Road. The Mauna Iki trail in its totality (8.8 miles) is for experienced hikers only and demand's physical conditioning and commitment. However, many visitors opt to hike the easy 1.8 miles along the beginning of the Mauna Iki trail, which leads from Hwy 11 to the junction with the Kau Desert trail where footprints that are said to be that of Hawaiian warriors who in 1790, as they fought King Kamehameha the great for control of the island, were overcome by fast-moving lava flows from Halemaumau. The impression is of the fleeing Warriors feet were left in the hardening ash and can be easily seen today over 200 years later. This trail offers visitors the opportunity to see a variety of lava flows, pit craters, small cinder cones, Pele's hair and beautiful Desert scenery.


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