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University of Hawaii at Hilo - Imiloa Astronomy Center of Hawaii 110002

Imiloa Astronomy Center of Hawaii brings the fabled Mauna Kea mountain with its world-famous astronomy within the reach of every visitor to the Big Island of Hawaii.

`Imiloa, a Hawaiian word meaning to explore or to pursue profound knowledge, offers visitors an authentic Hawaiian journey through time and space, beginning with a simulated ascent up Mauna Kea. This experience includes the Kumulipo chant, depicting the ancient Hawaiian account of the origins of life, and astronomers' insights into the origins of the universe from a scientific point of view. Visitors will know what it was like to go on an ancient canoe voyage charting their course by the stars, and learn of the 13 observatories on Maunakea charting new courses of discovery today. Visitors also traverse the universe in four dimensions in the 4D2U Theater, a presentation from the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan.

`Imiloa features a 16-meter domed planetarium features a signature destination film, Maunakea: Between Earth and Sky. Additionally, the innovative landscaping around the Center features many native and “canoe” plants brought to the islands by the early Polynesian explorers.

`Imiloa Astronomy Center of Hawai`i is a vital new bridge connecting Hawaiian culture and science with the journey of today's explorers, the astronomers on Maunakea.

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