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With the arrival of Captain Cook in 1778, things began to change dramatically on the Big Island. By the mid 1780’s maps had been published in Britain and Europe that included the Hawaiian Islands. With this, Europeans began arriving and westernization of the Hawaiian people became inevitable. Modern technology was introduced as well as European educational and business practices, the English alphabet, Christianity, and many animals. Unfortunately, the Europeans also brought diseases to which the Hawaiians were not immune, and many of the animals and plants that were introduced destroyed the indigenous flora and animals. The Christian Missionaries pushed their system on the Hawaiian people and banned the Hawaiian language, hula dancing, and other traditions. Although the Europeans pushed their way into this society, they brought many traditions, conducts, and equipment that were openly accepted and appreciated by the local people. By the early 1800’s, Hawaii had become the whaling capital of the Pacific causing more and more Europeans to relocate to the tropics. Soon after, the sugar cane industry began to boom causing immigrants from all over the world to come to Hawaii to work the fields. Today, the Hawaiian community is very diverse with the  European population making up about 20% of the community.


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